The BrakeAway Motorcycle Cruise Control
Instant front brake release
Easy push button engagement • Instant push button release • Fully mechanical
No modification or drilling required
100% C.N.C. Machined
Chemically polished and anodized aluminum
Made in the U.S.A.
Finally! A mechanical throttle management device that combines,
Style, Quality, and Safety.

Hand-and-wrist cramps have been a part of long distance motorcycling since the very beginning. Over the years, there have been a variety of products introduced to help motorcyclists manage throttle return spring tension.

Although most devices on the market today are effective in the relief of hand and wrist cramps, deactivating them requires a conscious and sometimes awkward effort. This can leave the rider feeling uneasy or even unsafe during use.

The BrakeAway Motorcycle Cruise Control is specifically designed to give the rider relief, while maintaining a feeling of control. Easy push button engagement and instant push lever disengagement eliminates any fumbling around during manual operation. While the unit is engaged, throttle adjustment is easy and smooth, allowing speed to be adjusted full range up or down with a slight turn of the throttle. These features alone would make our cruise control a nice addition to the devices on the market today, but we didn't stop there.

This quality crafted motorcycle accessory is the first and only mechanical cruise control offering instant disengagement activated by the front brake lever. Normal throttle function is returned to the rider in a split second without ever having to think about it. Imagine what that could mean in an emergency situation!

To go along with the functional advantages, there is a style that blends to the scheme of your bike from the moment you slip it over the grip. All components are C.N.C machined from the highest quality materials, including 6061-T6 aircraft quality aluminum, stainless steel, and acetyl. All aluminum components are chemically polished and anodized making this cruise control a handsome and worthy addition to your street machine.

Once you've experienced the quality feel of this cruise control, you'll never want to ride without it. After all, isn't peace of mind what cruising is all about?

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